Bypass encoding when ripping DVDs
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I need a program for ripping DVDs to get past the encoding (I think that's the term). I've got most of them covered by my DVD Ripper, but I'm having some trouble on a few.

I've been trying to rip a certain DVD using #1 DVD Ripper. It get's to a certain spot (about 10 minutes into it, exact same spot to the second every time) and stops. No errors, just stops. I figured my DVD was scratched, so I borrowed a friends of the same version of the movie. Exact same spot and it stops. I was told it was something with the DVD's encoding and I need a program to get past it. Any good ones? I don't need an entire new ripper, but just something to get past the ones I have trouble with. I'm not sure of the encoding used on the DVD, but I know it's not regional encoding. Also, the DVD works fine in a player.
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Have you tried Handbrake? I've never used it, but plenty of my friends have had great success with it.
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Best answer: #1 DVD Ripper has you use the DVD43 decrypter by default. So, go get the latest version. You can also use AnyDVD, which is much better and defeats a lot more than DVD43 - but it's paid software. However, they have a fully-functional trial. BTW, It's worth every penny.

With #1 DVD Ripper, which is a good program, either of the two decrypters above - updated! - will work. But, you MUST have the latest versions of these -especially for the very latest movie releases.
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I'll second the Handbrake option. Also, I'd recommend searching for such things on Lifehacker website, they have useful step-by-step tutorials.

I'd recommend going to google and typing something like

rip dvds
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You've run into a modern kind of copy protection. They've tossed a bad block in to defeat rippers, and programmed the VOB file to make the player skip that block.

AnyDVD, as linked above, handles this beautifully. When it's running, then to any program that tries to access the DVD it looks decrypted, and looks as if all the strange copy protection is removed. (It also overrides the region encoding, and does a bunch of other friendly helpful things.) I fully agree that it's worth the money.
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DVDFab works well for me.
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Rip with DVDFAb (free).
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You might want to try CloneDVD

You can get the 14 days trial download from
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Your question is kind of ambiguous, as I don't see what movie we're talking about or what kind of computer, but I had been a regular user of DVD Decrypter and at some point a year ago started encountering rips that would error out. I switched to DVD Fab and haven't looked back.
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Underscoring what others noted above. You have nothing to lose by trying the CloneDVD + AnyDVD trial. If it can't do your DVD for whatever reason send Slysoft an email noting the title of the DVD and they'll figure it out for the next release.
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If you can find it, DVD Decrypter for sure. If you can't, PM me and I'll send you my copy.
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Also, I thought I read that Handbrake won't break encryption anymore? The interwebs recommends AnyDVD and DVDFab Decrypter, though. Anyway, I found a copy of DVD Decrypter (free) from
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Thirding DVDFab (free version) followed by FixVTS (also free) to clean up any sneaky traps that are left. The DVD makers continue to think up new ways to defeat rippers, and rippers continue to find ways around them. Using the latest ripper version helps, but in this case I had to switch to DVDFab to get good results.
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I thought I read that Handbrake won't break encryption anymore?

True. It will instead use VLC's decryption libraries. So the end result (assuming you have VLC installed) is that is works like it always did, but Handbrake itself does not include any illegal code.
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