Visiting NYC from Overseas for BD -- Next: Boston or San Francisco?
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NYC for "significant" birthday FEB 2005. Second week Boston or Frisco prior to that hop back over the Pacific ?

Is Boston weather a real worry travel wise ?
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No. Boston has almost exactly the same average temperature and snowfall as New York City. Look at their proximity on a map. If New York's not a concern for you, you needn't worry about Boston.

Does Boston really have an international reputation as an ice kingdom ruled by King Polar Bear? Because we kicked his ass out and put in a mormon a few years ago.
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Given that Boston and NYC would suffer from the same weather delays to travel, it may be less stressful to minimize travel to New England. I'm remembering the hell the SO and I had a year or two back when we managed to flee NYC during the big Valentine's Day blizzard. We were on the last train out of NYC and it was mobbed by people whose flights, trains, and even busses had been shut down.

That's not to say don't come to the Great White North. If you don't have a tight schedule, you'll be fine and can take some time to explore. But if time is an issue...
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If by "Frisco," you mean San Francisco, we often have fairly heavy rain storms in February. San Francisco Airport (SFO) is overloaded most of the time and drops to capacity during storms, so there can be devastating delays. Meaning that if you do stop by, you might consider using Oakland International instead.
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The trip from NYC to SFO could potentially kill at least half a day, probably more, getting there. This is assuming that there will not be any travel delays, which there will be. On the other hand, San Francisco is so much different from the East Coast in so many ways, if you can stomach the travel time, it would be a cool change of pace from NYC. If it's on your way home, I'd say definitely go for it. Boston is in some ways different but in many ways the same.

Boston is okay in the Winter if you don't have to do much driving. It's a pain to drive in on the best of days and a real nightmare in Winter. That said, Boston has great public transportation, the subway runs even in blizzards and there are a lot of interesting things to do that don't involve too much walking. You can get to the airport and most major hotel areas quite easily on the subway.
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Weather Boston cold windy; Boston winds highest avg U.S.! Winter Boston nasty foul; Logan closes.

Frisco nicer; escape native derision: fullname not abbr.!

Grammar undeprecated; consider future employment same.
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Those are the worst haikus I've ever seen
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