Is it possible to throw together a decent meal from a convenience store?
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It's late, you're starving and the only store open within striking distance is a 7-11. Is it possible to throw together a decent and fairly healthy meal exclusively from your local convenience store?
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Shit, no. My girlfriend and I tried that a few weeks ago when we rolled into my little home town at 12:30 and it was the only thing open. We spent so long inspecting everything that I'm sure the clerk thought we were really stoned Bowdoin kids.

They had prepackaged salads, which might be acceptable if you catch them at the right time-- the salads looked tired. And the sandwiches were all heavy (and dangerous) tuna- and chicken salad. We opted for granola bars, orange juice and a miniature block of Kraft cheddar cheese. And I think we got the healthiest option.
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It's not exactly what you're looking for, but I recommend reading "HOLIDAY DESPERATION DINNER -- Four chefs and one bartender attempt to make an upscale holiday meal--hors d'oeuvres, side dish, main dish, dessert, holiday cocktail--entirely out of items purchased in convenience stores."
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Do you mean you wanted eat-out-of-the-box stuff or could you cook something? A tin of five bean chilli, Tabasco, couple of green peppers and mushrooms and microwave rice? Wouldn’t be amazing but beggars can’t be choosy!
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Can o' soup and cottage cheese.

Bon appetite.
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You could make a veggie omelette using the butter and eggs, and by boiling diced vegetables from the vegetable snack trays.
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A Snickers bar, a bag of sunflower seeds, a stick of Beef Jerky, and a Gatorade.

That'll pep you up good.

I hear they sell water, too.
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Make spaghetti. Sauté some garlic if you have it, add a can of tuna (oil packed tastes better). Give it about five minutes and add a can of whole peeled tomatoes that you've drained and quartered (or eighthed). Add a bit of oregano or parsley and toss with spaghetti. This was from an "oh fuck there's nothing in the cupboard" moment and I've served it to people who declared it quite good. If you have some anchovy paste on hand, throw about a tablespoon of that in with the garlic.

Make spaghetti. Sauté a bratwurst/italian/whatever sausage (ground beef + curry will work if you can't find that); while in the pan, break the casing and break up the meat so it's all loose. When meat is cooked, dump (drained, cooked) spaghetti into meat and give it a couple of swirls. Make a little room in the middle of the pan and crack an egg or two; cook until whites are done but yolks are still liquid. Break yolks, stir up this big messy thing, salt, pepper, enjoy. I got this "hangover breakfast" from a German and it's really f'n good.

Also, bacon + eggs + spaghetti = pasta carbonara.
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You can at my corner store(better description at the bottom of this page). But that's why I live in NYC.

You could buy a very bunch of arugula, some goat cheese, honey, and walnuts or pastacios for a nice salad. Then move on for a pasta dish, say lasagna (cheese, pasta, ricotta or cottage cheese, sauce). Dessert could be any of 10 different brands of soy, low fat, yogurt, or premium ice creams. Or british chocolates. They don't have wine but you could go with a 750mL belgian or dutch beer.


But no, at 7-11 you can't. My best try: tunafish caserole. Buy 2 cans of tuna and can of mushroom soup. Buy some chips. Or those weird potato-sticks (in a can). Mix the tuna with the soup. Crush the chips and sprinkle on top. Bake until hot. No veggies, but hey, you can't have everything.
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Are you saying that a 12-pack of beer and a bag of potato chips does not constitute a healty meal?
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They should sell some sort of nutrition bar, like Clif or something. Nuts and jerky, as C_D pointed out, are good options. They should sell yogurt, as well- yogurt and pretzels got me through many a day in college.
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I think if you take the buns off the hot dogs they're ok.
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(they're full of bunly goodness)
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Our convenience store actually sells fruit.
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Big Bites and Mad Dog make a great meal. Sorry - what about pretzels, water, and some lunch meat? Our sev sells ham and turkey in the refrigerator. I think they might have fruit, too. And Miller High Life.
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Boxed mac 'n' cheese + tuna + shredded cheddar + cornflakes = tuna cassarole.
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7-11 sells Nong Shim Bowl Noodle soups. That in itself is quite the tasty noodle soup dish.
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I've never even been in a 7-11. But many convenience stores have their pizza stall, where they make, you guessed it, pizza. Here they have Hot Stuff franchaises, and I suppose you could order a really custom pie, or something.

If you're really hungry, I don't know how many calories toothpaste has, but it could be worth a shot.
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angry modem, toothpaste causes colitis. What next, advice about mixing ammonia and some other household cleaner?

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my local 7-11s have "thai noodle cart" brand noodle kits. I recommend the pad thai. 's darned good stuff.
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