Where can I learn to weld in NYC?
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I want to learn how to Weld. I live in New York City.

The Madagascar Institute, which used to offer regular saturday classes seems to be defunct. Where can I learn how to weld? Ideally both Mig/Tig and acetylene.
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Is this a hobbyist thing, or are you willing to take up a certification program?
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Looks like CUNY has some welding classes as part of its continuing ed program.
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Best answer: 3rd ward! I took their into to metal shop a few months ago. Bryan really gears the class towards what you're looking to learn (it's only 9 hours of shop, but we covered mig, some tig and most of the machines in the shop), and will be around if you show up in the future to give you a hand with anything. You also get a few free day passes, so it does end up being worth the $250.
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I had a friend who went to Apex technical school. They have a 1 year program that leads to certification and potential union employment as a welder. My friend said most of his classmates were recent prison parolees looking for a career with high pay and no background checks. If you want to go into welding as a career, you should check it out. If you are more interested in sculptural welding, Apex is probably not the right program.
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So if this is for art cruise around some of west Williamsburg. I recall a number of garages / studios where this sort of thing is happening.
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Response by poster: mostly just a hobbiest thing. Sorry, should have specified.

I just would like to learn before the end of this summer, not for any specific art cruise, though I am quite intereted in that.
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Response by poster: 3rd Ward it is. Thanks Soma!
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