Anyone go to CMJ? What was good? What was bad? Are there any good reviews online?
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Anyone go to CMJ? I'm curious what the best (and worst) things you saw were. In addition, any good place online to read reviews and whatnot?
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Clue, please -- what is "CMJ?"
posted by davidmsc at 1:29 PM on October 17, 2004

Skeletons as part of the Ghostly showcase on Friday night at Tonic were great. I went to some decent panels too, but that's probably not what you're curious about.
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CMJ Music Marathon, I presume. Was in NYC from Oct 13-16th.

I've never heard of it, but it sounds neat.
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oddly enough, nowhere on the cmj site could i find what cmj actually stands for.
but maybe its not an acronym.
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College Music Journal
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And, I knew that already, but it is in the FAQ.
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davidmsc, I figured if you didn't know what it was you probably didn't go and wouldn't be answering. :)

anathema, thanks. Hadn't heard of the band or label.
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The Vice Recordings Showcase at CBGB was most excellent (so says the SO--I shamefully admit to not having gone, simply because I hate the Vice Empire with the power of 1000 firey suns) and I believe him, because he came home with a Vietnam/Death From Above 1979/Panthers promo that was teh r0xx0r3d, as the kids say.

The one show I attended this year was the Bloodshot BBQ but I only saw Graham Parker, Meat Purveyors, and the Waco Brothers. Instead of catching Nora O'Connor and Bobby Bare Jr. I ate free hamburgers, which shows you where my values are these days. GP was very, very good (and very, very tiny), the Meat Purveyors were typically cranky but fun, and the Wacos were extremely drunk (and I mean moreso than usual) and didn't play for as long as I'd have liked. I spotted Sally Timms in the audience but she didn't come up on stage.

Wither the days when I used to take time off for CMJ and drag myself all over town? *sigh*
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You shouldn't go and thereby support CMJ.
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Sally, I think of you every time I see Timms' name. Glad DFA were good. They're one of the bands I was curious about (along with a bunch of other Toronto/Canadian bands and some friends who were playing, particularly The Arcade Fire and Danko Jones). Thanks!
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Being a music director at my school's radio station I got to attend. I tried to balance seeing the city with shows and the convention but didn't make it to many shows.

I did see:
Astralwerks Night:
VHS or BETA, Sondre Lerche, Concrete: Sondre was awesome, VHS or BETA was great but Concrete feel short.

Interscope Night:
Mates of State, Trail of Dead... very awesome show except for the very forgetable SUNN 0))).

Spectre Night at the Pussy Cat Lounge:
Went for Disco D, stayed for strippers.

and some other shows I can't remember due to drunk haze.

Also Franken's appearance was hardly worth it, he only spoke for 20 minutes.
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Sunn 0))) played there? That must have been odd.
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dobbs, I'm sure you've seen it but The Arcade Fire is featured in a NYTimes article on the CMJ.
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Oooh. No, I hadn't Fiona. Thanks! They're a kickass band, especially live.
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