Water resistance vs. strong soap
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What's the best way to get ground-in dirt out of a water-resistant coat?

The coat is nylon and polyester. Washing it with a double dose of ordinary detergent didn't do much for the grunge around the cuffs. I've got heavy duty hard-surface cleaning soap which does a great job of cutting through bicycle chain grease, but I don't want to risk stripping the water resistance off the coat.
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They make special detergents for cleaning waterproof-breathable clothing, which I am sure wouldn't harm your water-resistant coat and may be better at cleaning.
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try naphtha soap -- it generally takes a grease-based soap to get out greasy stains. And it's grease acting on grease, so it should not affect water-repellant treatments. Good luck.
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You can't have both.
If you wash your waterproof jacket it will lose some of its resistance to water.
You'll have to reimpregnate with something after the wash.
Usually I just soak the grungy areas of my gore-tex jackets in liquid detergent for a few hours and then wash with Nixwax, the stuff ssg linked to above.
Then another go in the washing machine with this stuff to reimpregnate.
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