Calling all DC Cheapskates!
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How early must one arrive to be reasonably assured of getting a seat at the daily free concerts on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC?

A few of us are interested in attending the December 6 Last Train Home concert scheduled from 6 PM.

We'd come from out of town and don't want to get there at, say 5 PM, and then find out there are no seats available.
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December 6? I think you're too late.
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I've gone a few times. We always try to get there half an hour early. Sometimes we get seats, sometimes not.

One thing to be aware of is that the concerts are only half an hour long. So even if you don't get a seat, it's not like you're standing for hours. And if you get there early but all the seats are taken, you can sit elsewhere in the lobby till six.
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imjustsaying probably intends to hear the performance on Dec 30. The Millennium Stage is a platform set up in the Grand Foyer as shown on the Center's map and fairly informal. Holiday tunes might draw a crowd; expect to stand, but the foyer is vast enough that it should accommodate all comers.
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I did mean December 30 and not December 6.

Many thanks for the good info. It's exactly what I wanted.
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Yeah, I got there about 30 minutes before a popular concert last year. There weren't any seats left, but a surprising amount of people came prepared to sit down on the carpet. They brought little crazy creek chairs or blankets. I was easily able to sit down and enjoy the performance (I just sat down on my coat).
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I saw a combo concert with KC and the Sunshine Band and Randy Newman there, one of the stage's anniversary events, and there was still plenty of standing room. The stage is elevated enough so that you'll be able to see, unless you're, like, really short. There aren't very many actual seats, but it's usually not a problem. The only event I've been to there that was turning folks away was the big Caribbean show with Wyclef Jean, Shaggy, and Jimmy Cliff, but that was a huge exception to the rule.
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Oh, and if you're looking for something to do after the show, there's an area meetup that night.
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