Sick Kitty needs a (temporary) Shelter
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Places to board a sick kitty for the holidays in Minneapolis?

My diabetic cat's been vomiting and having diarrhea for the past few days. This alone would warrant a visit to the vet, but I'm planning to leave town on Wednesday (7-hour drive to Chicago, he can't go with us), and have to figure out what to do with him. Our vet doesn't board and didn't have any recommendations for places that do. Originally, I was going to just have someone check up on him and give him his shots, but I don't want to do that if he's this sick. Does anyone have any recommendations? It'll be for five-six days. (24-29th or 30th)

(bonus points if they're likely to have space)
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have someone house sit? If they don't want to, pay them. Your brokest, most reliable friend. It will still be cheaper than whatever alternative. Get on the phone now, and start calling. (well in the morning)
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Response by poster: I don't know if I know anybody who likes me enough to spend their Christmas break in my dinky little apartment so they can clean up my cat's shit and vomit, and then shoot insulin in his ass twice a day.

It's a hard sell, even with money.
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Response by poster: That being said-no offense. Glad that you were trying to help out and all, but I don't know that many people that are staying in town for the entire weekend-and those that are aren't likely to be up for it.
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Our dear friends own St. Francis in the Twin Cities. The head doc (our friend), Dr. Blair, is extremely talented and her and her husband run a tight ship--paying their techs a living wage with full insurance so they are motivated, talented, and work hard, too. I believe their boarding is limited to sick animals (and they keep a close eye, the docs and techs often take very ill animals home with them at night for extra care).

If you want to call them, email me (in profile) and I'll give you my info for a referral.

I know that if they couldn't help you, they could connect you to good care--they are well updated with all services in the community.

Good luck for you and your kitty.
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I would call around and find a vet that *does* board -- it sounds like your cat needs professional medical monitoring beyond what a last-minute house/pet sitter could likely provide.
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Kitty Kat Klinic on Lyndale (not sure, but thinking a dedicated place might be a good place to start)?
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Our vet of many years (Philip Nelson) expanded a big clinic/hospital space pretty recently, it is at 2700 Central Avenue NE, (612) 781-6941. Not sure if he handles the sort of situation you describe but worth a call. We have always been very satisfied with his treatment of our cats (we had a diabetic cat for many years so I sympathize).
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This is in Maplewood, not Minneapolis, but Maplewood Pet Care will board cats. I boarded my cat there once and I know of others who have used them too.
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Nthing the "find a vet that does board." You have a few referrals here...use one of them. It'll make you feel FAR better when you're far away.

It also will come in handy if you have to board kitty in the future.
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Don't neglect to check emergency or after hours vets. Since they're used to having overnight guests that need care, they'll be setup to take a pet that needs to stay the night. A specialist vet boarded my cat when he was sick for only about $75 a night and there was the bonus perk of someone being there 24/7.
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