Where to eat dinner in Melbourne Christmas day?
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Please suggest a cafe or restaurant that's open for Christmas day dinner in Melbourne (Australia)?

Four people wanting to meet in the evening Christmas day to eat and drink. Nothing too fancy (or expensive...). We're coming from Bundoora and St Kilda Rd, so somewhere on that kind of north-south axis would be ideal, preferably halfwayish (e.g. Brunswick St). Most importantly this place has to be OPEN on the evening of the 25th!
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Everywhere I've ever lived, every Chinese restaurant I've known of was open on Christmas day. (And they usually do good business.)
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Yeah, a couple of years ago I spent Christmas day wandering around Brunswick Street in Fitzroy - a number of the cafes and asian restaurants were trading.
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I don't know for sure that it is open for dinner (certainly I think it is open for lunch). My suggestion is Bar mSida. They have a Christmas menu posted in the window - I think it is about $75/head. The people who run the restaurant are very passionate about food, and it is always delicious. But you'd need to call to check if they are doing dinner. It is in Hawthorn, which isn't quite on the north-south axis you are after, but isn't too bad for someone heading from Bundoora (if by car).

Large hotels will all have restaurants open - though it may not be quite what you want. Also second the suggestion for Asian restaurants - wander Chinatown. Maybe Southbank too.

You could also have a look at this list of places doing lunch and call to see if they're also doing dinner - but they are not cheap.
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Indian places are open in the US and UK, so they may well be open in Australia too.
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riverwalk in richmond is really neat, but i am not in aus at the mo and cant guarantee that they are open then.they might only do christmas eve
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Leagues clubs and RSL clubs will have dining rooms open, but usually for book ahead fancy dinners. Maybe try ringing some to see their options?
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