Digital Fabric Printing
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Is their an affordable way to print small yardages of fabric?

I thought with new digital printing technology I'd be able to create some fairly affordable (I was hoping for about $20 - $30 a yard) of fabrics with low minimums. But from what I can tell it is going to cost about $50 - $70 a yard unless you print over 100 yards? Does anyone have any suggestions. I really only want to print about 10 yards of each fabric for now (maybe more in the future).

And if it makes a difference - I'd be willing to print on all the same base fabric but want to have a variety of different prints.
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Does this fit the bill? I don't know about the quality, but the cost is definitely in the ballpark at $18/yard.
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Seconding Spoonflower--but as far as I know, they're only doing basic quilting-weight Moda cotton yardage as of yet, so if you want a different textile, you may need to look elsewhere.
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Yes - that is very exciting. I did want some other fabrics, but whatever that is a good start!

Thank you! Very very excited about this!
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