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Online shopping in Calgary - help!

ACK! I just got notified that a gift I'd ordered to be delivered in Calgary is on backorder (I am in the US). I will kill someone at the original company eventually, but for now I need need need (please, please, please) online shopable Calgary stores *that can deliver before Christmas* to a downtown office. I am willing to look at anything quirky, fun, geeky, motorcycle-ish, art, office toys, any cool stuff - even willing to do food (although that is low on the list) - if you know of a place in Calgary that does online ordering and can delliver - especially if it is one of your favorite places to shop - please tell me about it.

I already know Lee Valley, I have ordered from them before, and while they are great, their non-tool selection is a bit limited from the last time I looked, and nothing jumped out at me as a great gift for my friend. I have had horrible luck with Amazon Canada, and am not willing to do them again.

Any help truly gratefully received - thank you!
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Best answer: Here's a list of Canadian Shipping Deadlines for Christmas 2008, for my money I'd go with or Sorry that you've had horrible luck with, otherwise they'd be my third suggestion.
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Also! I just remembered that allows you to shop by location -- there are at least 100 etsy shops in Calgary and I'm sure one of them would have something to suit your needs. Plus -- they'd be shipping to Calgary from Calgary.
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The Cirque du Soleil's store has some interesting and unique stuff (and not cheap, though some stuff is on sale). I don't see a shipping deadline, but I ordered Sunday, received product Tuesday in Ottawa.
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Best answer: UPPERCASE Gallery is in Calgary and have cool stuff for sale online.
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Other handmade, vintage, artsy stuff in Calgary.
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White Elephant Vintage is in Ontario but just call them for shipping deadlines - super cool vintage stuff.
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Best answer: Purolator will pick up from any store and drop off at most businesses. While not pizza cheap it's pretty reasonable. Futureshop (a bestbuy/circuit city analog) offers shipping through them on most items. I ran a couple tests and they are currently showing "air" delivery around December 22nd.
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I'm in Calgary and just ordered something from, and they said it will be here in 2 days. FedEx tracking says it's on its way.

Worst case scenerio: PayPal and the MeFite Network might get you something picked up and delivered in town.
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Response by poster: Thank you ALL so very much; truly appreciate your help.
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Best answer: Belgian ex-pat and local celebrity Bernard Callebaut is to chocolaterie as Picasso is to painting. I know you said food was low on the list, but Callebaut treats have considerable cachet here in Cowtown.

There's also Mountain Equipment Co-op which has some cool stuff. Because of the Rockies in our backyard, lots of Calgarians are into outdoor and snow activities and MEC stuff is often regarded as top quality.
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Response by poster: Thanks angiep, I'd forgotten about MEC - and the chocolate looks incredible :)
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