Elluminate vs. Adobe Connect
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Elluminate VRoom vs. Adobe Connect: Which Online Meeting tool is better? My college is reviewing Elluminate's VRoom and Adobe's Connect. Have you used them, and do you have a preference?

Issues: some participants have dialup, presenters and/or participants may not have high computer literacy, cost is very much an issue, but we have some leeway. Specifically, How does Adobe Connect do over dialup? Are there gaping flaws in either product that we haven't uncovered yet?
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I have only personal experience of Adobe Connect over DSL.Works a charm - simple to relase among non-tech-savy people.

Members of my group have used dial-up connections. Their results are not stellar. If they turn of pictures and only rely on sound and the white-board it is a survivable experience, I'm told.
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I only have experience with Adobe Connect, but have found it to be a great solution for asynchronous learning and online meetings. Some of my company's locations are VERY rural and were on dialup until Q4 of this year; many of our users are not very computer literate and yet they seem to do just fine.

We don't use VOIP with web conferencing (yet -- now that everyone's on faster connections, we may begin experimenting with it) but have found that even without it, whole-screen sharing was slow, buggy, and not great quality on a slow connection. Sharing of one single window or application or uploading documents as flash paper was/is significantly faster. The key for us was getting meeting hosts to adjust for participants' connection speed.

Our major problems with the program have been occasional LDAP sync issues or tracking problems on the LMS side -- if you're not using it for significant amounts of e-learning, it probably won't be much of an issue.
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