Membership App (Hosted?) for Non-Profit / Club?
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I'm looking for a web-based app (free or otherwise) or a hosted app which will handle membership for a non-profit / club. It needs to provide different membership levels, handle payments (via PayPal or Google Checkout), and provide some method for allowing members to renew or upgrade their memberships, change their info as needed, etc. It does not need to be free, even though that would be nice.

Currently we are looking into Wild Apricot, but I'm running into some odd weirdness with importing users, the way income is booked into it (importing our current member list records each member as paying again), and a few other things.

I found this question from a while ago, but it's a bit out of date and doesn't really answer the question.

So, does anyone know of some better way to handle this?
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CiviCRM is a free open source web application that is really good at this kind of thing. I've used it with a number of nonprofits and every few months, I go back to the main CiviCRM site and see how much great stuff they've added or improved. It's not hosted, so you'd need to install it on a web host somewhere.

After all the installation and stuff, it wasn't really all that hard to get it hooked up to a Google Checkout. I imagine Paypal is just as easy, I just haven't gone down that path.
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