Managing membership for a small organization?
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A friend runs a small professional organization with about 60-80 members, and is looking for a way to more easily manage membership. She is hoping to find software or a web service designed to do these things:
  • Most importantly: allow members to pay an annual membership fee online. She also needs to be able to look up who has paid and who hasn't.
  • Allow members to log in and update contact information and other info (such as number of accredited hours).
  • Email all members, download a list of members, and so on.
Right now members are paying by cheque through the mail, and it's a lot of paperwork. I imagine there is an inexpensive web service out there that would be perfect for this. Can you recommend anything? We're in Canada, if it matters. Thanks!
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Response by poster: I should note that I am aware of CiviCRM, which seems promising, but is a bit complex for my friend's requirements.
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Zoho CRM is a bit more managable in my experience. Worth exploring in any case.
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A local bike club uses ClubExpress and seems to find that it works well.

Definitely not CiviCRM for this use case. For a larger organization, I hear raves about Salesforce, but like CiviCRM it is just overkill and far too involved for a small org. Something like ClubExpress is a bit more pre-fab and doesn't require extensive customization or setup (though do expect a significant amount of customization and setup whichever system you go with! But something like ClubExpress is probably a few orders of magnitude less than CiviCRM or Salesforce.)
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if you don't need a full-blown CRM, what about ? I run a couple of groups through there and it does all of the things you mention your friend needs.
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I've heard of Neon CRM - they market themselves as a CRM for non-profits and they can deal with dues.
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