Importing from China to US
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I'm looking for information about importing products to the US from China. Specifically, I'm trying to turn this concept into a reality. I have sussed out local business licensing requirements , have legal representation, and have found a manufacturing company who can provide the product. Specifically, I'm interested in either (a) finding a domestic manufacturer or (b) getting advice on the best way to navigate US import rules & regulations and/or identify an import agent I can trust.
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The company I work for has a manufacturer in Taiwan produce special orders for our domestic clients. The company is very up to date on US import laws and tariffs, so they usually take care of everything. It is hard to beat their prices; we looked here in the US and the difference is amazing.

Is this the kind of information you are looking for? If so, drop me an email and I can get you scans from their catalog and other information.
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