Licorice Search in NYC?
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I want some shockingly delicious black licorice candy! What NYC candy stores should I visit?

Years ago, a friend came back from London with a small bag of fresh black licorice, and it was amazing – it felt like it cleared out my sinuses in one bite – kind of like wasabi. Since then, I have been searching for the same type of licorice candy but haven’t found it. I will be in NYC tomorrow and am looking for candy store suggestions. I am planning on stopping by Economy Candy and Dylan's Candy Bar – any other must go stores?
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Best answer: The Netherlands is very much a licorice country. We make a distinction here in
- salmiakdrop (scandinavian style liquorice. Pronounced pure salmiac taste)
- zoute drop (salt. also salmiac taste. But more rounded with liquorice root.)
- zoete drop (sweet. Mostly liquorice root. Low on salmiac)
- any of the mixin tastes of aniseed, mint/menthol or laurel

An extra quality distinction is if a kind of licorice contains arabic gum.

Since you compare the licorice you tasted to wasabi you may have had either type 1 or 2; salmiac has a wasabi like quality.
Let them advise you and give you a taste of the different kinds.
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I don't know any specific stores, but I definitely recommend Tyrkisk Peber:
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I don't think you're going to find what you're looking for at Economy Candy. That doesn't mean you shouldn't go, though -- that place is a wonderland.
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Sorry this isn't in NYC, but the Vermont Country Store has a lot of licorice in case you end up having to order. It might be a good source if you're searching for a specific kind - they have several types of licorice from Europe.
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If they were from the UK and strongly decongestant, they might have been Mighty Imps or Nigroids (both mentholated) or Meloids (menthol and capsicum). These are tiny hard pellets, and are exceptionally strong.

Salmiac, for me, has a strongly emetic quality, but YMMV.
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Economy Candy actually does have a bunch of different kinds of licorice behind the counter, including, if I remember right, salmiak. That stuff tastes foul in an addictive way. I wanna go to Economy Candy now!
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I have a soft spot for "English All-Sorts" and the last time I satisfied this need I went to (hold your nose) Dean&Deluca on Prince + B'Way. It was overpriced, but I figured it would be fresh (it was) and good. They had other licorice there as well, though I did not check variety.
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Best answer: Even though it's far from exclusive or gourmet, the "black" section of the Times Square Toys R Us's color-coded-candy section has some licorice treats I've not seen anywhere else.
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Best answer: I've never been to the actual store, but KIOSK in NYC carries all sorts of Finnish licorice candies including something called Sisu which loosely translates as "to have guts". I imagine it will clear your sinuses, no problem. The also have some wood-tar-licorice pastilles, and an ongoing licorice item called Salmiakki. They feature small rotating inventories of stuff so I would call ahead to find out what they have in stock.
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Economy candy does have what you're looking for. You'll have to sample a few different ones to see if they're right, but you'll get what you're looking for. And about a thousand things you're not looking for.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the suggestions! If I don't find what I am looking for I will definitely be visiting the websites mentioned
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