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Is it possible to do a search on a Drupal site for only those posts/nodes that are from a specific user and which have specific tag/taxonomy term? Something like "user:33 AND category:14"?

I have a Drupal installation for my language arts class. All of the kids' posts are tagged (categories) by the name of the assignment. All of the kids have their own user accounts. I have some recurring assignments, and it'd be convenient to be able to search for all instances of that assignment for a particular kid. Something like "user:Joey AND category:journal".

Can't seem to find anything that'll do it, but wondered if there's a good module out there? Current installation of Drupal is 6.7. I'm comfortable installing and configuring modules, and have a bit of experience with php (though writing my own module is beyond my skills).
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I think Views should do what you want. You should be able to build sets of pages, say, by student, sorted by category, or category, sorted by student.
It bent my mind a bit the first time I installed it. Good luck.
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You want to install the Views module. Then you can set up a view that will pull, say, all assignments. To that, you can add arguments to narrow it down to all assignments by Joey with the taxonomy term "journal." So, in short, you'd end up with your basic view at, say, "," and then to see Joey's journals, you'd go to "," where "56" is Joey's user ID and "34" is the term ID for journals.
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Response by poster: I'll give that a whirl - looks like exactly what I need. Thanks so much!
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