Lost a Sci-Fi Short Story. Can You Help Me Find It?
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I feel like I should know this one but Google has failed me. I recall reading a Sci-Fi-like story about a group of children who were only allowed to play outside in the sun for one day a year. I can't remember if the lived underground or if it rained all of the time. I just remember that there was only one day they could enjoy being outside. Does anyone know the name or author of the story?
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Best answer: "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury.
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Response by poster: That was SO fast. Thank you!
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Best answer: Here it is.
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There was a low budge televised version of it, which I watched in school. Wikipedia says this about it:
A 25 minute adaptation was originally broadcast the PBS children's series "Wonderworks" in 1982. It was directed by Ed Kaplan from a screenplay by S. Murdock Donaldson [2]. In the adaptation, Margot has one friend and is never emotionally distraught. The ending is expanded to show the children atoning for their horrible act by giving Margot flowers that they picked while the sun was out.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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We like to talk about this story on Ask Metafilter.

(Nothing against the question by the way, it is memorable, easy for almost anyone familiar with the story to identify by description but tough to search - what can you look for, children? weather? rain? day? Anyway, possibly interesting information in the other related threads).
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It's a great story, I read it many years ago, and never forgot it.
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