Free Rental of Area of Bar in London? (No Cheesy '80s Music!)
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[LondonFilter] Its my birthday next month and i'd like to hire an area of a bar for 30 or so people. Preferably for free (or low cost) with no minimum bar spend in zone 1 or 2. Music-wise, I'd rather a place that doesn't play cheesy 80's. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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I always tended to gravitate towards Hoxton while I was in London. I've had many a good time at Cantaloupe, and there are a number of good bars on Hoxton Square as well. The area does tend towards the pricey and pretentious, but the advantage is the number of clubs around if the festivities look like continuing past midnight.
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Revolution might interest you.

Or if karaoke interests you, there are various places such as Niko Niko, off Tottenham Court Road.
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I'm going to a birthday party at Salvador & Amanda, 8 Great Newport Street - the people organising it are hugely excited - I've never been myself...
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Boom on St John's Hill in Battersea has been good to me as has The Holy Drinker on Northcote Road. Dusk on Battersea Park Road is pretty bloody good too.

More centrally, Pop in Soho is good and has a fun VIP section although they'll probably want a minimum bar spend. Alphabet Bar on beak street is a winner. I've heard good things about The Player on Broadwick Street but have yet to go.

Norf, ( :p ) Embassy on Essex Road rock as is the Medicine Bar on Upper Street (or Islington High Street, memory fails me)

Oh, and my little sister just rented the top floor of Woodies for a great party.

Lucky sod! I miss London...
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