mobile broadband card and AV?
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Do I need to run AV/internet security software with my new mobile broadband card?

just bought the AT and T sierra wireless 881 data card. Do folks using these data cards usually run something like mcafee or norton internet security? I was previously using a router with built-in security measure and have very safe surfing habits..
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Why would connecting to the Internet from AT&T be any different to connecting to it from any other ISP? The same "risk" is still there, malicious sites do exist, and it doesn't matter where you connect from.

OTOH, there is discussion on whether Norton or Mcafee software actually helps. What I go for is a combination of Firefox+NoScript (and AdblockPlus), plus NOD32 antivirus which doesn't bog down the computer and also has Internet security features.
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You definitely need some kind of firewall. The one built into Windows XP, Vista, or MacOS should be fine, so long as it's actually enabled.
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Best answer: if you're on the Internet, you need to protect yourself. doesn't matter how you connect.

that said, routers do provide a small layer of protection - you don't typically get a real IP address from a router, so if someone scans the internet looking for open servers and whatnot, they'll find your router but not your actual computer. you'll get a real IP address when you use the data card. so, you need a firewall to keep people from being able to connect to random things your computer might have open. you're probably running Windows, which has a usable one built in (if you're on XP or Vista and you keep it up to date). Mac OS X also has a good couple of 'em (though it also doesn't have anything turned on by default to connect to, which is best).
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Yes, there is no difference between this and any other network connectivity. AVG is free. There's no excuse to not run AV. Turn on the windows firewall, enable automatic updates, and youre golden.
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