Selling tickets to a party via PayPal
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Help selling tickets to an event using PayPal

I'm throwing a party where guests are purchasing tickets in advance using PayPal. I have an account set up specifically for the event (and an email address for the event), and right now guests are emailing the email address and I'm sending them a money request through PayPal. I'd like to make this even easier (with less repetitive emailing for me) and have guests be able to purchase tickets without having to contact me first, through a "Buy Now" button for PayPal or something similar (I've poked around in the PayPal merchant services but I don't really understand if I can use the buttons etc. without my own website).

Relevant information:
- The event is being publicized through Facebook and doesn't have its own website or anything like that
- The PayPal account is a 'Premiere' account
- I need guests to have the option of selecting how many tickets they're purchasing and specifying the names of the people they're for
- I need to be able to change the price of the tickets every week

PS -- Are tickets to a party (actually just a reservation on the guest list, there's nothing physical involved) a good or a service?
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A ticket would be considered a good even if it's not physical. One option for you would be to set up a free blog using Wordpress and adding the paypal button to that (there is plenty of documentation to help you with this). Once you have the blog set up, just link your Facebook page to that.
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Profile HTML lets you put HTML in your profile (and I'm assuming group profiles).

There's also a PayPal for Facebook application. Although it doesn't seem to be working too well at the moment.

And maybe even PayPal Storefront Widget.

No matter what, you'll need to remember to either change the price every week or remember to switch out the products.

Also, I would say that you're selling a good. Digital good, but still a good.

On preview, I would say that ISeemToBeAVerb has a better option.
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Darn, forgot the links.

PayPal Storefront Widget

PayPal for Facebook
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I've never used it for an event myself, but I have bought tickets for several events via EventBrite and it seems to work quite well for this sort of thing. They take a per-ticket commission, though.
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PayPal can generate a "buy now" link for emails that you should be able to use in Facebook fine.
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I think Event Wax might do just about everything you're looking for.
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We did this for our Halloween party this year. We set up a MySpace page specifically for the event with updates, music from the bands that were going to be performing, and a "Buy Now" PayPal button for pre-sale tickets (we also had hard pre-sale tickets, but rather than send everyone a printable ticket that could be copied, we just took the names of everyone and their guests and gave the list to the guys working the door).

The party was promoted mainly through Facebook, but it was easy to put up the MySpace link and a note to "check out the event page and buy tickets!" Ultimately, I think only about 20 people out of 350 actually used PayPal to get tickets, but it was still good to have.

Also, be careful who you let promote the event: my house ended up being listed as a venue on
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