Screen resolution problem (Inspiron 6400)
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I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 6400 (HR365 if it's relevant). I downgraded from Vista to XP and I'm having trouble getting the screen resolution to adjust.

The screen is a Truelife LCD 15.4", 1280x800 pixels. My computer is only able to reach 1024x768, which makes it look stretched sideways.
Any suggestions?

Bonus question: No site tells me for sure if I need an external wireless card for this computer. Do I?
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Response by poster: I should note: the GMA is Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 UPTO 224 MB
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Sounds like you don't have the right drivers installed. Did you do the XP downgrade yourself? I would check Dell's website for this particular model, and make sure all your device drivers are correct, etc.

According to this Dell page (go to the Tech Specs tab, Communication Devices), it probably has a Dell Wireless 1390 802.11g Mini Card Wireless device installed for 802.11g. I suppose it might be an optional piece of hardware, so you may nor may not have it (or, if you bought it second-hand, the owner might have removed it for whatever reason). You probably don't need an external wireless adapter, then. Or, if you find that this mini wireless card isn't installed, I would order one from Dell and put it in. Having internal wireless is obviously more convenient, and probably gives you a better antenna than any USB or PCMCIA device will have.
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try DELL for info about the wireless. Get the correct videodriver for your display issues.
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Did you install the display drivers from Dell's website?
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Dell computers and laptops have service tags stuck on a sticker (and coded into the bios). Enter the service tag into the Dell website and you will be directed to a page with the correct drivers for your particular model.
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Hmm, I am using one of those as we speak. I have shitty Vista so I have no idea what's up with your screen? Although I may have some XP drivers if you can't find them on the site...(where I would've got them from).

Yes, wireless came standard. (Dell has manuals.. that tell you that?)

Is the tiny little WIFI light lit up?
(Little panel next to power button, second symbol in from the right.)

Yes? Check your XP settings.
No? Use your F2 function key and make sure it's on.
(Hold down Fn (blue, next to Ctrl on the left) and then press F2.)
*sigh* That one still gets me! Tip- it's always Fn + F*something* :)

Still nutin? Maybe time to check that it's physically there... That could cause a problem or two?
The Dell site has Service Manuals and all that jazz just sitting on there. Too easy.
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