Nude Sarah Palin framing suggestions
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I would like to frame a nude Sarah Palin poster

I was thinking something in the lines of them dogs playing poker type of frame.

Based on your suggestions, should I have the framing done in a mall? Anywhere else? I have no idea and obviously would not like being ripped off. Maybe $100 tops or the framing?
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It might be easier for us to recommend a good frame shop if we knew where you were. I'm in Los Angeles (obviously) and am a big fan of Sherman Gallery in Marina del Rey, but that won't help you unless you're also out here.
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Oh aha. The tags say Chicago (probably should be in the question too, though).

I got nothin', but I'll ask my boss where he used to go to get his stuff framed when he lived there and see if he knows anything.
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I know Michael's does framing.

You could also hit up a garage sale/thrift store or two and try to find an old frame. Then all you would need to do is mat it.
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I can't see the picture in question, but since it offended Jessamyn enough to warrant omfg-super-censorship, you may wish to consider that it may also offend your cheapo mall framing shop employee(s) just as much. I suspect that like cheapo mall photo huts, they can and will refuse to work with any images they aren't comfortable with.

You may also have political backlash worries: I dunno how 'respectful' a nude Palin might be.

So you're probably best served by calling ahead and asking if a given shop will frame a nude poster first, and you'll probably have better luck with a 'real' standalone shop rather than a mall outlet. You could also pick up a frame at Pottery Barn or similar places and have someone there show you how to mount with it.
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If the people framing it are professional at all, they'll take it in stride. Librarians don't snicker at you when you request a book, clerks don't give you crap for buying condoms.
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You may just want to buy the frame according to the dimensions, and frame it yourself at home, not only will it be cheaper, but you will skip the hassle of possibly offending other people...
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Yeah, I don't know that most places would give you too much trouble about it. If working in a framing shop is anything like the retail jobs I've had, a guy coming in with a naked Sarah Palin poster would be a fairly welcome break from the monotony, honestly.
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If you are uncomfortable with the idea of having the nude poster unrolled in the middle of a mall, and want to save some cash, you can buy your frame online. I often order framing kits from and have been very happy with the results.
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American Frames

Measure the poster carefully. Then order a custom frame, mat, plexi, and the like. I've framed a lot of my prints this way and been really happy with the results. No one familiar with high end framing jobs will mistake these for a professional deal, but they look pretty damn good once they are on the wall. Plus they are dirt cheap compared to what you pay at a frame shop - which are, as far as I can tell, businesses built on gouging people for only marginally skilled labor.

Alternatively I had one really good experience with Hobby Lobby. They have pre-made frames which aren't always an exact fit, but once your print is matted, it can look pretty good, and they do a better job in their frame shop than you can do on your kitchen table. I had a very large print framed by them as a wedding gift - they got it done the same day and I think it was like $30 or $40 matted. Looked awesome.

Note: Hobby Lobby is sort of a Christian-front and they will probably turn down your work and may even call the police on you for peddling smut in their stores... but hey, it's worth a shot.

The poster was removed? WTF? MeFi-mods are outta fucking control.
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I would not take a nude anything to Hobby Lobby. I don't think they would be very happy.
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el cheapo very plain frame: ikea.

el cheapo awesome frame: get something old and swell from goodwill or the salvation army and just paint it gold.
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Oh, one other thing about framing, and I've been meaning to write this up somewhere, but I haven't 100% followed the project through to completion... so...

I have a framing dilemma - I have several very large prints, over 25" x 30", and even going through American Frame these would have cost several hundred dollars to mat and frame.

Here in Chicago there is a reasonably cool used hotel furniture store on South Halsted in East Pilsen. The place has used furniture, lamps, even bedding (eww) and also lots and lots of huge framed art. It's mostly crappy abstract paintings, ugly ass landscapes, that sort of thing, but importantly the frames are huge and the selection is okay.

So I bought up a few of these frames, took out the crappy cabin in the woods print, and stuck in my prints. Even re-used the foam core backing. Tapped it up and they look okay. For eight huge frames I think I paid $140 or so (I haggled them down.)

The next step is to buy a mat cutter and some mats and finish the job. A mat cutter is $15 to $30, and from what I can tell all you need is a steady hand and a good ruler to measure with - although a clamping straight edge would make life easier. You can buy mats all day long from art stores for a few dollars each. (Thought from everything I read you should splurge on the acid free mat and foamboard.)

Anyway, if you have access to some type of surplus store (look for hotel and office surplus) that maybe one route for getting things framed on the cheap. Thrift stores are also good places to look, though they can be much more hit or miss, and more likely to be damaged.

For me, getting the frame itself wasn't a problem (the art supply stores sell both metal and wood framing material pretty cheap, you just need a miter saw) it's the the glass that's a pain in the ass to come by. Art stores don't carry it (usually,) and if you get it at the hardware store you're faced with the task of cutting it, and well... screw that.
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Former picture-framer here.

It depends on the dimensions of the picture. You can get good picture frames in standard sizes - 22" x 28", 24" x 30", 24" x 36" etc. You can absolutely find a good standard-sized frames in poster sizes at economic prices, i.e., under $100. You can find great frames for like $40.

If your poster is not a standard size, I would advise cutting it down to a standard size. Once you are outside of standard sized frames, you have to go custom, which can increase the cost of framing by 4 or 5 times. Custom framing is way overpriced - no way you can get a poster custom-framed for $100. They really gouge you, because most people don't realize you can frame stuff to look professional by yourself.

Try Utrechts, Blicks or other art supply stores - they usually carry discounted standard-sized frame kits (frame + glass) with a variety of nice wooden frames. Maybe a Fastframes or other mall store will have standard-sized frame kits in your size as well.

Do not buy plastic frames. Ever. And don't trust picture framers to save you money.

Hey, and send me the link to the poster via mefi-mail.
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While the suggestion for ikea frames is a great one, note that most of their frames are metric, and therefore don't quite fit standard size (US) posters, unless you want to cut it down in one dimension, make custom mats etc.
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Citron, if it's the kind of picture I am imagining, it's probably meant as kitsch.

On followup, I like lia's suggestion of an old gaudy $3 frame from a thrift shop, spray painted gold. That says so much.
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I actually took a really objectionable nude painting (a full body nude woman getting attacked by a rooster) to Hobby Lobby in Mt Prospect, IL for framing yesterday, and had no problem getting it done at all. I did warn the girl at the framing desk it was something awful, and a gag gift at that, but they were good natured about it and took care of me very nicely.

This time of year is a great time to do something like this via big retail (H.L. or Michael's), as you're more likely to get a college kid helping you out than a crusty old veteran anyway.
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