What to do with extra oyster juice?
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After schucking a bunch of extra-large oysters, I have an extra-large cup of oyster liquor. What should I do with it?

So I recently discovered that it is oyster season here in Paris and I can get tons of oysters for !@#$ing cheap. I bought a baker's dozen of Fines de Claires No. 2, which are big-ass oysters with a lot of tasty, tasty liquor. I was smart enough to shuck them over a bowl, so I managed to catch any of the liquor that I spilled during shucking. After eating all of the oysters and the juice that remained in their shells, I was left with a large bowl filled with oyster liquor. What should I do with this delicious salty substance? (the oyster liquor, that is, you fiilthy person)

After letting the grit settle to the bottom, I came up with two ideas:

1. tomato juice + oyster juice + vodka + hot sauce = bloody caesar, sorta.

2. use instead of stock to deglaze a pan of sautéed winter vegetables.

Both were great, but I still have about 500ml of the stuff to use. Any suggestions?
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Response by poster: oh, for #1: Worcestershire sauce should also be in there, along with a stalk of celery. And cracked black pepper.
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and for number #1, some horseradish.
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It's a traditional ingredient in many kimchi recipes; my mom always used it. Me, though, I'd get a few smaller oysters and make an oyster stew.
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If you want to make stuffing, it goes well in that. The liquor's fishiness cooks out.
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Best answer: There are a bevy of drinks to be tried!

Red Devil
Rasputin Cocktail no beard required
Gravel Gertie sadly not named after the former Alaskan Senator.

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oh, drink it straight, dude. You've got a story that will be so awesome next you're on a date. If we meet, I promise, I'll join for the next round.
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Bloody Mary's for everyone!
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Best answer: SOUP!

Search epicurious.com or some place like that for any number of oyster soup or stew or chowder recipes. Just put something else in the pot to replace the oysters themselves.
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Cook-up some whole-grain rice and pour the liquor over it?
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Freeze it for later?
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It adds a lovely dimension to jambalaya if you're up for cooking some.
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