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GoogleBombing: Suppose I register 10 domains, and upload an HTML page to each domain that has a named link - for example, "Click here to buy Cheap Shoes" - and these named links all point to the same webpage....when someone searches on Google for "Cheap Shoes", will the page that has 10 domains linking to it stand a better chance of being higher up in the rankings?
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This is known as link farming, and Google -- along with other indexes -- actively discourage doing so.
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Better than what? In the named example, you might get a ranking of 134,454 rather than 134,458, because that term is so common. Your overall ranking will still be crappy because nobody (presumably) is linking to each of the 10 pages you're using to point at your bombing target, so they have very little 'authority.'

If you do this with the term "coagulated cornstarch," you'll definitely outrank the one page that's out there with that term (my googlewhacking technique is unstoppable), because you've got ten pages pointing to yours. 10 crap pages, but still 10.
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It will help a tiny bit, but not much, because Google rank is calculated based on not just the number of pages that link to a site but also these pages' own rankings. So the 10 pages that link to your main page don't have any "juice" of their own, because nobody links to them. You might bet tempted to try having them link to each other to try to manufacture some juice, but that won't work either because Google no doubt has filters that detect when a group of pages link only to each other.
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Um, btw, can I just get a little love for that? -- I just scored a perfect googlewhack off the top of my head. There was a point in 2001 when I spent days trying to do that.
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No, I didn't. Never mind. 2001 was so long ago.
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Results 1 - 10 of about 495 for coagulated cornstarch. (0.48 seconds)

Dorlands Medical Dictionary
... acid (CNA) agar, an agar medium containing peptone, cornstarch, sodium chloride ... Loeffler
coagulated serum medium, a culture medium containing veal infusion ... jspzQzpgzEzzSzppdocszSzuszSzcommonzSzdorlandszSzdorlandzSzd... - 101k - Cached - Similar pages

Definition of Curd from
... milk curd; "bean curd"; "lemon curd" 2: coagulated milk; used ... clabber, clot, clotted
cream, coagulate, coagulum, condensed milk, cornstarch, crassamentum, cream ... - 7k - Cached - Similar pages

Definition of Gumbo from
... chicken soup, chowder, clabber, clabbered, clam chowder, clammy, clay, clayey, clayish,
clear soup, clotted, coagulated, consomme, cornstarch, cream, curd ... - 7k - Cached - Similar pages

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Khalad, you've got to put the sucker in quotes.
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ah ah ah! I just did it! USB bitches! and it goes to kuro5hin of all places.
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If you put it in quotes, it's not a googlewhack. You're not supposed to search for a two-word phrase, but for a pair of words. This is a googlewhack (off the top of my head, to boot).

"USB bitches" (in quotes) also isn't one.
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props stupidsexyFlanders!

I don't think there's really an effective "inorganic" method to skew Google results, unless you want to devote loads of resources to outsmarting the search engine. And if you're selling shoes, as opposed to selling the google-skewing techniques to spam merchants, you can't really afford to do it.

Note: I don't have a lot of specific research to back that statement up, but that's the gut feeling I get from the reading I've done.
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BTW, "coagulated cornstarch" gets zero results for me. I guess Googlewhacking is relative to the particular server your search hits?
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For reference on Googlewhacking, see here.
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conflated snarkfest is another one.
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Actually, conflated snarkfest isn't one, because "snarkfest" isn't underlined (i.e., isn't recognized as a word for which google will provide a definition).
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susurrant gravitas
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Completely off topic, but woohoo, I got a googlewhack on my second try. amygdala hornswaggle. (That would be a great band name.)
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rumba durometer
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headspace, yours doesn't count because "hornswaggle" isn't a defined word (see kenko's comment above). And youhas, I get 4 results for "rumba durometer" (believe it or not). Try again!
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