I'm looking for a recommendation for small-business contact management software program.
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I'm looking for a recommendation for small-business contact management software program. (more inside).

A good friend of mine is an aesthetician with about a hundred clients. She needs to keep track of the standard address type info as welll as have some room for what products and services the client likes. Also the ability to print mailing lists based on the previously mentioned items would be nice. Most of all the program needs to be simple and able to make friends with Windows. Thanks.
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Free would be really nice, but really cheap works too.
posted by monkeyman at 8:55 AM on October 11, 2004

Wow, monkeyman... great minds think alike! I was just coming in to post a very similar question: namely, if anyone has recomendations for a web-based CMS.

I don't want to post a competing thread, so I hope you don't mind my hopping on for the ride.
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There's a free trial on Time and Chaos
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Pretty_Generic beat me to it, so I'll just second Time & Chaos. I used and loved earlier versions, and the newest seems even better. My current employer is Outlook-based, otherwise I'd be happily using T&C. It was always quick, reliable, intuitive, and just nice to look at. Well worth the modest price.

(silusGROK, your question is actually quite different, and I think it's been addressed before in AskMeFi. But a good starting point is CMSwatch.)
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Er, on review, maybe silusGROK actually does want a web-based CONTACT management system. I read CMS and thought exclusively of the common usage as "CONTENT management system." Doh. [slinks off to find coffee]
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pimex is very good
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Yes, indeed... I do me CONTACT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (though I've also seen it CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MGT)... my business partner and I are separated by a continent, and we need a way to communicate on leads.
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Thanks for the recommendations. Both of these programs are pretty much what I had in mind.
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Silas: Check out SugarCRM. Open Source CRM, based on on PHP and MySQL. It's got a few quirks, but it's easy to set up and get running.
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