How to calm eyes that are red and puffy from crying.
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Puffy eyes from crying...[mi]

A friend of mine, whenever she cries in the afternoon or later, even a little bit, has seriously puffy eyes the next day that last for hours. She's tried everything - staying up, cold compresses, sliced cucumbers - to no avail. Any ideas to prevent/treat this?
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I imagine a touch of Visine would help, although on the whole I think topical ophthalmic vasoconstrictors are a bad idea.

In a stunning display of praeterition, I will be the first to refrain from suggesting that your friend cheer up, wash that man right out of her hair, et cet. ad naus.
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This may not help the next day but I have found a surprisingly good way to make yourself look more normal immediately after crying is to stretch your face into the biggest, broadest smile you can. Something about working the muscles around your eyes helps reduce redness and puffiness.
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your stunning display of praeterition just made my topical ophthalmic vasoconstrictors all tingly.
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Praeterition is only mentioned 22 times on the Net.

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And only once on a bad religion album
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or maybe it was preterition
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The same thing happens to me. The only thing that seems to help at all is taking a long, hot shower before bed and first thing in the morning. Exercise or drinking after crying makes it worse; I swell up like a balloon.
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You people are freaky swollen mutant-creatures that need to stay the hell away from us normals.
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I most certainly do not recommend this, but there is this:
When talk show host Conan O'Brien expressed concern about the bags under his eyes his makeup artist told him not to worry and proceeded to apply cream on his face. Within half an hour the bags were gone. Conan thought it was an old family secret recipe. After some prodding Andrea finally told him it was Preparation H that she had been using.

Lisa Rinna, model and actor, says "Surprisingly, it really does work for puffy eyes."

Only in Canada eh: The original Preparation H formula includes a yeast derivative. When the other amazing uses of the product became known, the FDA said prove it. The manufactures decided not to do the required research. After all that's not why they made this product. So the yeast derivative was removed in the United States, but not in Canada. That's right, the Preparation H product the models, make-up artists and Conan use is made only in Canada.
You wouldn't find me doing it, though!
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Why is she crying enough for this to be an issue? Tackle the cause, not the symptoms.
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I second the Prep H. Also for puffy eyes from a hangover.
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I have large eyes (therefore large eyelids) and have developed the same reaction to crying. My eyelids swell like crazy after even a small cry. I've also tried everything, but the only thing that really works is sleep (and make-up).

I'm sure there's a miracle product out there, but i haven't found it. The best so far (better even than cucumber slices) are Pond's Cucumber Eye Pads. You can keep them in the 'fridge. I opt for heavy eyeliner the next few days to couteract the physical appearance of swelling. You could also try an anti-inflamitory aspirin.
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