The Wettening
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I am blessed with being surrounded by really funny people, who never fail to make me burst into ridiculous grins and chuckles. Except when I do, even before I do, my eyes water horribly - someone cracks a joke, and I'm furiously wiping my eyeballs even if it wasn't sidesplittingly hilarious. I'm a girl who enjoys wearing the occasional eye makeup, and you can imagine the results. Eesh! Please tell me I'm not the only one, and there's some way to make this... I don't know, better? Is it a symptom of something, can I be fixed or is it a quirk I have to put up with? It has a tendency of driving me absolutely mad given enough time. Halp!
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You cry when you laugh? Or you laugh till you cry?

Get waterproof makeup, like what my wife wore on our wedding day.

I don't think it's that weird. I have incredibly overactive tear ducts (self-diagnosis) and my eyes water super easily, whether I'm laughing or not.
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I have the same problem. No idea how to fix it, but you're not alone!
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A friend of mine also has overactive tear ducts. She sheds tears intermittently all day long, more when she laughs or gets frustrated.
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Best answer: I've seen others with the same issue. Seen as there probably isn't much you can do about the tearing, I'd definitely second getting waterproof makeup. Get a good waterproof mascara - that will take away most of your problems right there - and seen as you can't get waterproof eyeshadow, get as many colors as you can (and/or want) of waterproof liner pencils. Urban Decay 24/7 and Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes are great and come in a huge assortment of colors. That way you can use your eyeshadow and then line with a matching waterproof pencil. I promise those won't budge, which means you should then invest in a really good makeup remover for your eyes. Taking them off is a bitch, but of course in your case that is a good thing.
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Get a handkerchief and blot. Also, waterproof mascara.
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Ugh. My eyes water when I laugh too. I will only use Blinc Kiss Me Mascara because of it. It *will not* smudge or come off until you rub your eyes with lots of warm water and then the "tubes" slide off- no residue is left so you'll never get raccoon eyes.

I always thought it was just a weird problem I had; I'm glad you asked!
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