Twisted my ankle and now my Knee Hurts after I go running?
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Twisted my ankle and now my Knee Hurts after I go running?

I was involved in a small road accident on my bike last month and I badly twisted my Ankle.

I completely rested it and it has more or less completely healed and is pain free with complete movement.

I've started running again (my favourite hobby) however I've noticed the Knee on the side I twisted my ankle is very very painful and stiff for days afterwards.

Do any budding physios understand what might be going on, and have some excerises I could try to help it?
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Look at your feet when you run or walk. Are they straight, or do you point your toes out to the side? Is there a difference between the two? If your foot placement is different since your accident, this can have consequences for your knee...for specific corrective exercises, you should go see a physiotherapist.
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I twisted my ankle once, and when I started running again later, I eventually developed pain on my knee. Turned out it was a kinda of "shin splints", or rather, pain caused by the same mechanisms.

Basically it seems that resting is not enough to rehabilitate a twisted ankle. You need proper exercises. Those tiny muscles deep inside your leg have a purpose, and if they are very weak, when you go running they will suffer and it will lead to various types of pain in your lower leg, including potentially knee pain.

If you talk to a (real) physio, she will recommend very simple exercises you can do that will strengthen these muscles, and it should greatly improve the pain. *If* you have the same thing I had.
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I'm an avid runner, and have had similar problems when first starting up after injuries. Give yoru body some time to heal an maybe just try a mile or two to start.

If the pain is still bad, I'd lay off another week, or even two maybe hit the gym to keep from going crazy. Try stretching your IT band and possibly use a balance disk for both legs in the meantime to strengthen your ankles, if no balance disk is available try 'tree pose'. Try using a balance ball as hamstring curl and strengthen your legs. Eat some whey or other protein after strengthening so your muscles have some fuel to build. (I'm no physio, but I've seen many)

After a layoff, it seems like my legs stiffen up. It's best to just kind of go with the flow and if the pain is anything much more than annoying....see a doctor. Good luck.
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