Help me choose some knee and akle braces.
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Help me choose some knee and ankle braces.

I am hoping someone with similar injuries who plays sports can recommend me something based on experience.
Sport: Dodgeball
Knees: My Patellas are slightly misaligned and I've been prescribed to 'strengthen the inner quads' to possibly correct this. Also my knees pop a lot especially when I get up in the morning and put weight on them or bend down to put on my shoes. I can't jog regularly without causing injury to my knees. I have tried some knee braces and they feel supportive and helpful but they weren't designed to address the patellar alignment and I understand there are braces out there that do that, and also I need them to stay in place while I play sports.
Ankles: I have achilles enthesitis, which as I understand it is basically tendonitis just where the tendon attaches to the ankle. So far I have only tried ankle sleeves and I am wondering if a slight difference in design of the brace would make as much difference as it does with knee braces. For example a brace with an opening for the heel which mine don't have.
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If you are talking about "runner's knee", chondromalacia or patellar misalignment I believe that these type of straps are what is usually recommended. I am aware of a number of persons, including myself, who have had symptomatic relief using them. I can not help with the ankle
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Take a look at the Vulkan range of supports. They rely sped up my recovery and allowed me to return to training quickly.
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I've found that the heel pad arch supports designed for plantar fasciitis really help with achilles tendinitis and enthesitis as well. Basically, elevating your heel shortens the tendon, relaxing it and preventing it from being strained as easily.
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A neoprene brace with a hole cut out where the platella is helps me. Don't get too small a size. Best shoes money can buy, Spenco inserts, and good socks are a given.

I'd love to post a link to Mad Max's knee brace, but that is not what ask is for.

The neoprene sleeves/braces are not expensive; so it is not like a large outlay to check out.
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Some years ago, an orthopedist diagnosed me with 'patella tracking syndrome' which in english translated to misaligned patellas. I was prescribed inner quad-building physical therapy and neoprene knee braces very similar to the one buzzman linked to, only with additional velcro straps that wrapped above and below the knee cap - rather like this - radiating from a rounded-triangular pad that put a bit of side pressure on the kneecap. This seems to be the type of patella stabilizing brace available today - haven't used it though, so I can't give a specific recommendation.

I did find the braces helped quite a lot (and still do, when I go into winter out-of-shapeness).

Strong inner quads = no pain at all, at least for me. It really *should* be enough of an incentive for me to stay active through the winter (especially since I find cold aggravates everything), but well...that's why I keep the braces around.

hth; good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions!
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