Help me find a print from "The Rainbow Goblins".
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I'm trying to buy a print from my favorite children's book, "The Rainbow Goblins", by Ul De Rico. How can I find this? I'm thinking typical poster size (18x24-ish).
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It looks to me like this answer was intended for this question.
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I don't believe the Eric Carle Museum has a print of this, unfortunately...

It's going to be a bit difficult to find a poster of this, I think (tho, here's a postcard). The book was originally published fifteen years ago or more and I'm not sure what kind of merchandising money was put into it when it first appeared (it was an import title which don't always get alot of attention).

Your best bet would be to contact the current publisher. They would know if any licensing for image reproduction had been done over the course of its publishing history.

Wonderful book.
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