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Secret Santa filter!!! What to get a co-worker for her secret santa present? Shakespeare related gift required. Price preferably around $30 AUD

My coworker is in her mid 20s and is mad about Shakespeare, to the point that she used to work at the Globe theatre in London, and even now has a mini Shakespeare figurine on top of her monitor. What can I get her that is Shakespeare related but that she would be unlikely to already have. I'd like to keep the price at around $30 Australian.
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This site has a lot of Shakespeare gifts. Can ship internationally in 6-10 days.
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Shakespeare Action Figure? Though, she may already have that. Actually, in looking for a link to the action figure, Shakespeare's Den looks like a promising place to find something.
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Buy her a pound of flesh steak.
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Or what nel said.
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"I am but mad north – north – west; when the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw." –– Hamlet (2.2.361-2)

A (toy) Hawk and Handsaw
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ETSY.COM has interesting stuff and she's sure not to have it.
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Frick! This is the figurine on her desk right now! I'm guessing she's bought things from this site once before.
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Theater tickets.
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As a Shakespeare geek, I really want this one-page-book edition of "King Lear." Scroll down to see posters from other plays.

By the way, your friend may be different from me, but I really don't want action figures and jokey stuff, like pounds of flesh. But if you bought me a DVD of a really good performance -- or a nice edition of a play or tickets to a good production -- I'd be thrilled!
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This toy theatre is pretty awesome.
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Even better -- a papercraft Globe Theatre.
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The Drama teacher at my high school has the posters grumblebee links to for King Lear, Hamlet, Othello, and Merchant of Venice. They really are amazing!
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Shakespear magnets
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What about one of these dolls? I'm not big on the kitsch but this one cracked me up. It's probably more than $30 after shipping - damn the exchange rate drop! The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust has an online shop - you might find something there. Or you could get her a bunch of appropriate flowers? Though that might be tricky in Australia too!
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It looks like everything is pointing towards Shakespeare's Den.
After all that I'll probably go with the "insults coffee mug".
thanks everyone.
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Something from here...
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