DRM Bites Again
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Is there any way to authorize an iTunes installation behind internet filtering software using an iPod that has been authorized on another PC?

I have iTunes on a work PC (Windows XP) that I was able authorize before the implementation of our latest internet filtering software (Websense). The iTunes Store is definitely blocked by this software.

It has been so long since iTunes was able to call home that it finally decided I was no longer authorized. ITunes will not play tracks previously purchased from the iTunes store; tracks that iTunes would play up until about a month ago.

Is there any way, short of schlepping the tower home and plugging into my home network, that I can reauthorize the PC? Possibly with my iPod?

(heading off some of the possible derails - I am now purchasing online music almost exclusively from Amazon to avoid this very problem)
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You could strip or disable the DRM on the files. There are many software utilities to do so, and Google can provide you with the specifics. (However, I'm not positive this would be easier in the end than bringing the computer home.)

If you're on good terms with one of the network admins at your company, it might also be worth mentioning it to them. They might be willing to allow the authorization traffic.

Also, this Apple authorization FAQ has a "Chat Now" link at the bottom.

Were I in your position, I wouldn't feel any moral compunction about pirating MP3's of all the file I had already legitimately purchased.
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