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Wordpress filter: I was trying to upload a video for display on a wordpress blog directly from my hard driver (as opposed to via youtube). Doesn't seem to be working. Anyone know any tricks? And as it happens, I tried uploading the video to youtube, but got a more low-res version than I'd like — any tips there?
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Personally, when I have a video I want to look "good" (let's be honest, Youtube videos look terrible) I use vimeo.com. They have an embeddable video player just like youtube, but the videos looks soooo much better, and people viewing them doesn't waste bandwidth on YOUR server.
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Agreed with jwhowa--it's a lot easier to let a third-party service host your video. If you want both Windows and Mac users to be able to reliably view it, it's got to be in Flash; this means that to host it yourself, you have to find and configure an embeddable Flash player and transcode your video to FLV format. A third-party host takes care of all this for you.

Youtube is supposed to be slowly phasing in high-def video, but I don't know where they are with that, or if they allow an individual user to specify whether a given video should be treated as high-def or not. I'll second the vote for vimeo.com (I have no content hosted there, but their videos do look good compared with Youtube.)
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Another good high quality video host is Blip.tv.
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check out the video embed plugin for wordpress:


you can upload and host yourself or embed rather easily.
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Do you have write access to your wp-content folder?
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