Finding an odd French-made incense.
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Essence of Color French Incense; ever heard of it?

My fiancée years ago found and loved an incense made by a French company from Provence with the name of Essence of Color, specifically the type called 'Tea'. We can't seem to find it anywhere now. Google searches produce nothing. You can't order off of the company website or any of the US based distributors. Any information would be great.
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Is this the terre d'Oc fragrance line?

Regardless, it would probably be a good idea to let others know what the brand is.
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Looks like Yves Rocher bought a minority (35%) stake in terre d'Oc in late 2007. This may explain a weirdness in the distribution chain.

Also, looks like UK vendors sell various kinds of terre d'Oc (and you may have to request international shipping). Or you may have luck calling terre d'Oc's store in London and seeing if they'll ship internationally.

Finally, it looks like there may be some leads at Macy's. According to Google Shopping, Macy's does sell some terre d'Oc, but I don't see perfumes, and searching doesn't give me any hits at all.
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This is the terre d'Oc brand line. I wasn't totally sure of the brand line due to the way to packaging was on the incense container.

For reference, I live in the northwestern portion of the United States. Having a continental source for this would be better fiscally than shipping from England, but if buying in bulk would make the purchase more feasible then I'd be all for it.
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I contacted the terre d'Oc customer service via their web form. Here is my query:
Is it possible to obtain your perfumes in the United States? International shipping not preferred but a possible alternative for me. Please let me know.

Thanks very much.

Here is their response:
Dear Malcolm,

Unfortunately we have no distributor in the US for the perfumes, so if you want to purchase our products the only way is for me to send them from France.

What are you interested in?

For information, we are not allowed to send “alcoholic” products such as pure oil, capilla, room spray.

If you want to take an order please let me know what you want.

After checking the availability I will give you the order amount, with the transportation cost to add.

And after receiving your payment (banking swift) I will send you the parcel.

I stay at your disposal for any further information.

Kind regards

Christelle HONORE
Terre d'Oc
If you have an e-mail address I'd be happy to forward the correspondence to you so you can continue it, or you can use the web form on their site to start one yourself.

I do not know if the perfume qualifies as "alcoholic", so I'll leave that to you to negotiate with them.

Good luck!
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Oh wait, you're looking at incense? That should be no problem. D'oh. :)
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