five... five dollar... five dollar pashminas!
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Where can I get cheap pashmina scarves in DC?

My best friend used to live in NY, and when I visited her, I would always stop off at a street stand and buy a couple of cheap pashminas for 5 bucks. Unfortunately, she moved away and I no longer have any justifiable reason to go to NY, and I want to buy some pashminas for my mom for Christmas.

Is there any street stand in DC where I can buy a pashmina for 5-7 dollars? I tried going the ebay route, but was disappointed by what I received (they just weren't the same as the NY scarves!), so I would prefer to do it in person. Bonus points if there's a stand near the Golden Triangle area.
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I was at Eastern Market yesterday and saw a stand selling them. Not sure how much they were going for, but that's usually a cheap route. They were in the flea market area in the school basketball court/playground.
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if you don't find a place, i would definitely be up to sending them to you. i work in midtown, and there is one on.every.corner. selling every shade and pattern.
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MrMoonPie's suggestion is dead-on.

That's where I go the ones for my wife and she loves 'em.

The price sounds about right, considering what I paid 3-5 years ago.
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Also a stand near McPherson Square. Couldn't vouch for the quality, but it's one of those jobs that sells fake purses.

I think there's another in Georgetown, at like Wisconsin and O or so.
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