What sites offer useful iPhone App listings & reviews?
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The App store on the iPhone is so cluttered it's practically unbrowsable for me. Things are only a little bit better on the desktop version of iTunes. For the most part I've been finding cool applications as they are mentioned in some of the blogs I already read. Surely there are some websites out there that keep up a good overview of the best iPhone apps. What sites are you using to find good apps for the iPhone?
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I've been going to ipod touch fans for app recs for my ipod touch, and I know there are many apps that work on both. iLounge seems to review iPhone apps on a weekly basis.
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I subscribe to Pinch Media's RSS feed of recently-added free apps. It's not reviews, but it keeps me aware of what's fresh. Most are prima facia uninteresting, so it's a relatively quick skim whenever Apple approves new apps for the store (which it seems to do in fits and starts).

Slidetoplay.com is an iPhone/iPod Touch game review site that I'm only aware of because it currently sponsors YoungAmerican's Jordan Jesse Go! podcast. I'm not a phone-gamer, though, so I can't attest to the site's quality.
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Have a look at appshopper.
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I've actually found that Macworld has done a great job of reviewing apps on a regular basis.

For gaming, I read TouchArcade and FingerGaming.

Appshopper I find useful for a "what's new" view, but it's not a review source.
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AppleiPhoneApps.com is in my reader, but a little too light on volume. They just announced that they're hiring, so perhaps the posting will pick up soon. They have a daily 'price drops' feature, which is nice.
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FreshApps is another site that focuses on iphone apps.
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I go to The iPhone Blog and Top iPhone News blogs daily. They often feature reviews on the latest and greatest apps.

For iPhone games, I also keep up to date with the iPhone page at IGN.
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Have just been trying a few of these out - the Macworld reviews are the best so far. They're actually written by reviewers and not just descriptions submitted by the app programmer. Thanks, Remy.
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The iPhone section of I Use This is pretty useful - you can filter it by popular apps, new apps that are causing a stir, &c.
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