What are some good screensavers?
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Can anyone recommend a good screensaver (Win32)? I've got ecotonoha at the moment, which is pretty cool, but would like something that works well w/out an internet connection and is darker (ecotonoha is dark only during the night).
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I've always been a fan of the simple but ubercool TV Static.

Nice idea for a thread, btw.
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Nice idea for a screensaver, too. Thanks.
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Really Slick
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I was about to dig up the Really Slick URL and then realized I'd been beat on the draw. Damn you O9scar, damn you!

*crumples to the ground*

Seriously - if you don't mind screensavers that actually tax your system, those are tops. I've never seen any that come close.
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Ooh, and some are available for OSX now...I thought I had to leave all that behind when I converted! Hmm...only 'fireworks' which is OK, but Helios is my favorite.
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Helios (for OS X) is here, while most of the others are here.
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also, it's fun to make your own in flash.
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Personally, I haven't used one in years, In older versions of Windoze, the screensaver checking every 20 minutes or whatever could sometimes cause crashes and slow down performance.
I don't know if newer monitors suffer much from "burn" - it used to be an issue back in the day, but is it still?
I have a crappy monitor anyway. But for privacy at client sites, I just set my laptop screen to a password lock after 10 minutes of no activity.
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drempels just destroyed my PC
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really? ouch.
another i used for some time was from creatures in my head - a cute animation of a couple of floating monsters.
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Primordial Life is a screensaver & artificial life experiement. Watch little life forms grow, evolve, eat each other and die. Connect to the web to let your lifeforms meet other people's life forms.
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wow - such a good idea, but such apalling execution. someone should take that idea and make something pretty.
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jan (not a member) sent me a link to janfox and while many aren't really my taste (way to make me feel out of touch with my feminine side), i poked around and found a surprisingly large range (anything that includes flying whales has to be pretty diverse, in my book).
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