Cupholders for lazyboys
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Looking for "add on" or "accessory" cup holders for fancy, cushy chairs...

Instead of buying $1000 seats for my home theatre, I'm planning to buy a number of $200 leather or cushy chairs that I'd like to add on some sort of cupholder.

For assorted reasons, this is very important, as opposed to just using a side table. I really need an easy way to add a cupholder.

I believe somewhere out there is a product that you add to a lazyboy that includes a cupholder... possibly also holds a remote, newspapers, etc... which will work, but mainly I'm just after the cupholder add on.

(btw, I checked out this question about adding cupholders to real theatre seats, but the answers are impractical for cushier arm rests)

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Best answer: You might be looking for an arm rest caddy. If not, Amazon has other suggestions, and other good terms to use for further searching, because it sounds like you're fairly specific in your wants.
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Response by poster: Not exactly what I was after, but puts me in the right direction, and that may be the better option. Thanks!
posted by Unsomnambulist at 11:55 AM on November 23, 2008

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