Saks Fifth Ave Christmas Music?
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Where can I procure a copy of the rendition of Carol of the Bells that Saks Fifth Ave (NYC) has used at their flagship store over the past few years?

I'd really like to find a high-quality copy of this. I only want it for personal use, not public performance/rebroadcast/etc, if that helps anything.
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I've not been at that Saks, but recently the Christmas in Serajevo track by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra which has a portion of Carol of the Bells in it has been played everywhere. It took me about a month of searching to find the name of that track as it's NOT titled "Carol of the Bells", but it is readily available on Amazon, etc.
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According to comments at YouTube, "Carol Of The Bells'' (remixed by Cadence Blaze) was available on a Saks Holiday Mix CD at Saks in NYC or at in past years.

Other folk like tou have been searching for copies of the CD

I suggest you call Saks Fifth Avenue (1.877.551.SAKS [7257]) to see if the CD is available this holiday season.
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