Glass needed for yard of beer
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Where can I find a "yard of beer" glass in or around Boston on short notice?

For reasons that need not be explained, I need to purchase a glass such as this one. I live in Boston/Cambridge and must purchase it tomorrow.

Any thoughts on what type of store I might find this in? Any specific suggestions are also appreciated.
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In Australia at least they have them in those cigarettes and gifts shops that you get in large shopping centres. They're the sorts of places that also sell hip flasks and cigars. And they're called "yard glasses" here.
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Try these guys. They might stock them, or know where you could find one.
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Instawares has them, although they are running down their stock. Incidentally the glass in your link (and in this one) is for a half-yard, not a full yard.

According to the Instawares website, they ship from warehouses around the country, including Boston. It might be worth giving them a call, seeing if they have one in stock in Boston and asking if you can collect it.
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Call Publick House Provisions in Brookline: (617) 487-4322. I'm not sure they have it, but I bet they can tell you where to find one.
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In other cities, I've seen these in stores like Marshall's or maybe TJMaxx
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Best answer: The Sunset Grill in Allston will give you the glass if you buy a yard of beer from them. I don't think it comes with the convenient wooden handle, though. But, hey, look at it as paying for a glass with FREE BEER inside!
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Ask the Sunset where they get 'em.

(*sigh* Since moving to RI I miss the Sunset. Perhaps tonight I will dig out my pitcher or pilsner glass and drink from them.)
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Best answer: Downtown Wine and Spirits in Davis Sq. has lots of glassware. You could ask them.
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