Help me find a birthday camera
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So my parents have offered to buy me a camera amongst other things for my 30th birthday. I'm looking for a compact camera with a zoom function for under £40.00. Any recommendations? If you can buy it at Argos, even better.
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probably stating the obvious here, but (afaik) digital zoom (as opposed to optical) isn't worth the money (it doesn't do anything you can't do as simply on a computer later by expanding the portion of the image you're interested in). i don't know much about digital cameras, but it may well be that for that price, the only zoom you can get is digital. in which case you might be better going for the best resolution and/or capacity and/or battery life.
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Sorry -- perhaps I should have mentioned I'm looking for a conventional 35mm film camera.
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oops! :o)
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andrew, I don't think £40 is going to go far when it comes to digital cameras! I have a Fuji Q1, and that's about as basic as they come, at £60.
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