Belize is cloudy... Where else should I go in Central America?
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I was going to Belize next week but the weather looks pretty crappy... other Central America vacation suggestions?

So I was planning on flying to Belize next week to meet my mom and sister (they're currently in Guatemala) but after checking the weather for Placencia, it looks like we may want to rethink those plans...

Does anyone have any suggestions for 1 week vacation spots down there? We were going to do a 'resort' type place for 3 nights in Placencia, Belize and then go to a private island for 2 nights. I would rather lay on the beach and eat good food most of the time than hike 10 miles to Mayan ruins... although I wouldn't mind a day of cave tubing.

Everyone is over 21, all inclusive is not necessary, trying to keep lodging costs under $3000 for the 3 of us. Dates are 11/23-11/29.

If I can't find anything on such short notice I'm not opposed to just going and figuring it out on the fly...

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It's raining in Ecuador, three hundred miles east. Where you should be, no one's around...[substitute south for east, turn off Counting Crows, and send me on your vacation?]
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Best answer: I've been to Belize five times. Almost without exception, you'll get a few hours of rain alternating with blue skies and sun, even in the middle of rainy season (July/August -- not now). Typically, it rains early in the morning, and then clears up until the early or mid-afternoon. There might be a few showers after that. I say go! Just get up early to enjoy your sun, and hole up in a bar or restaurant during the rain. Placencia is amazing.
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Response by poster: we went. it was awesome. thanks changeling for your comment, i probably would have canceled the vacation without it!!

it only rained once the entire time and it was warm so it didn't even matter... i laid in a sheltered hammock and read a book while it rained.
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I just happened to check back here -- and I'm happy I did! So glad you had a great time in Belize :)
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