How do I get started with data visualization?
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I'd like to figure out how to do good looking data visualization for reports beyond Excel charts, but without any coding/programming skills except xhtml/css.

Bonus points for also listing some data visualization techniques or websites that you find useful, attractive, user friendly, etc.
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Best answer: Edward Tufte writes great books on data visualization. The Visual Display of Quantitative INformation could be worth a library visit.
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Response by poster: I'll definitely check it out! Thanks!
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Best answer: You may find some inspiration at gapminder or many eyes. The Google visualization gallery has some embeddable widgets that you can link up with spreadsheet data.
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Best answer: These guys.
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Response by poster: Infosthetics is pretty mindblowing.
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Seconding a serious read of Tufte. I used to do infographics for reports at my previous job and I garnered a lot of insight from his books. It dovetailed nicely with my graphic design training, as I went through school during a time when the importance of the information being presented was first and foremost.
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Create Image-less Graphics And Charts just popped up in my RSS feeds. Includes modified sparklines (a Tufte favorite) with just CSS.
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A friend just used this web app to do some cool charting. Google has a simple charting API. It looks pretty simple.
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You can get some pretty neat stuff out of Graphviz without too much in the way of coding skills.
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Best answer: Another website: Junk Charts mostly deals with what to avoid in data visualization, but it's still pretty interesting. From time to time, they have some pretty stunning charts and graphs too.

Also, I know you didn't want anything to do with programming, but if you have any programming experience at all, you should check out Processing. It's way easier than it looks. It's definitely worth it to spend 15 minutes downloading it and looking through the example code if you're interested in data-viz.
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Best answer: I'm not sure if you're looking for a more hands-on approach than this, but widgenie takes your data and creates nice-looking (but fairly business-oriented) visualizations that can be embedded in your own site.

Most of these require a small amount of programming, but you may find something useful there.
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Best answer: Hands down, Tableau.

Think sexy complicated charts/graphs meets drag and drop ease of use and functionality. No programming necessary. Best of all they have free trials. Seriously, this stuff is genius.
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