Looking for a USB-chargeable bluetooth headset.
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Looking for a USB-chargeable bluetooth headset.

It seems like this should be a lot easier than it is. I just want a decent headset that will charge with the same USB cords/chargers I use to charge my phone.

All the ones at the stores I have gone to need a special charger. No thanks; I have too many cords in my bag already.

If you have one you like, I would really appreciate your input. Thanks so much for your help.
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The Motorola headset I have charges with USB, and I'm pretty sure most/all of their other headsets use it too.
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And I forgot the link. This is my headset.
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It would really help if you told us what cord your phone takes .....

My phone (blackberry) takes a Mini USB. My headset (Jabra BT530) takes a Micro USB. "Close enough", sort of, and I use a short adapter to drive them both off the same wall-wart. The BT530 is very good but the speaker is a little quieter than the BT250v it replaced.

A photo of said adapter - cost me a buck or two - http://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/1800mobiles_2029_91596290
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The Bluespoon AX2, easily had on eBay for $20 or so, charges via its micro USB port - in fact, it doesn't come with a charger, so you must charge it via USB.

It's very small, and I'm so afraid of losing mine that I have several backups just in case I can't find it. It works great, it's unobtrusive in looks, and I love it.
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The official Sony Playstation 3 headset is actually a good bluetooth cellphone headset and charges via mini-usb.
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I am using the PS3 headset with my iPhone, and must agree with the good doctor: works well and yeah, that's a USB connector.

I feel like a Home Shopping Network Whore.
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Thanks for the help. My technical deficiencies are showing, as I just don't know the nomenclature of USB micro vs. USB mini vs. USB whatever.

If it helps, my phone is a blackberry and the charger works on it, on my garmin, and my brother's razor. The connector is more or less a tiny little trapezoid with flanges on the long end.

Thanks again for your suggestions.
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The blackberry (which I also have) uses mini-USB (the connector on the right), which is also what I use to charge my headset.
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Here's a piece on the various USB connectors.

Note that Micro USB is supposed to be the future standard charging plug for cell phones, etc.

One option might be some sort of dual USB charger, such as this Belkin or this other Belkin. Google for "dual usb charger" or somesuch. In that case, you'll be down to one wall wart, and two USB cables with different tips on them, one Mini and one Micro. There are car/DC versions of dual USB chargers, also.
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