I can't hear anything!
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Quicktime/Web Audio Problems. Some quicktime video I produced is having volume issues--but only on certain computers with small speakers. What gives?

When played back on the internal speakers of a g5 and a white macbook, sound is basically non-existent. It sounds fine on every other computer tested, including my macbook pro (internal speakers and powered speakers), a dell pc laptop (internal speakers), etc etc.

The file is embedded here (having these problems on several of the videos in the series):

I also uploaded it to veoh and did a flash conversion, which had no effect.

My only guess is that the EQ is such that frequencies that can travel through the internal speakers on those machines are not present, and the lower frequencies, which other speakers play fine, can't be heard.

I'm at wits end, after doing multiple gain operations and EQing.
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The speakers on last-gen MacBooks are really quiet, in my experience. Have you tested other audio to compare it with on the same machine? (Don't mean to be patronizing; I could easily envision forgetting to do that.)
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Response by poster: youtube videos, etc. sound fine. this is why it seems so odd.
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