QuickTime? Flash? Who's talking about it?
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Videos in pdfs: Stick with QuickTime, or switch to Flash?

I've been producing rich media pdfs for multi-platform CD delivery for some time now, using video clips in Quicktime format, made with FCPro and Sorenson Squeeze. Should I switch to using Flash video now that Acrobat 9, with its native support for Adobe Flash, is here, since it's supposedly far more widely distributed than QT? IS this a game-changer? Advantages? Disadvantages? Where else might I go to stimulate some discussion of the pros and cons of this new option? (Already posted at Adobe forums; no responses so far; I'm unaware of any active multimedia-in-pdf forums…)

Appreciate any comments, opinions, predictions, guesses; thanks!
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It's not supposedly more distributed--it really is. And now that Flash is built in to Acrobat it will become the format of choice for embedded video in pdfs--Adobe's market power will see to that rather quickly.
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