Looking for a tall thermal layer
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I'm a tall gal (5'10") and am looking for a thermal top (like a patagonia half-zip or a northface baselayer type of deal) that comes in a tall or long length to accommodate my long torso - any suggestions?
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Eddie Bauer generally sells things in Talls. Good luck! (I'm 6'1" myself; count yourself lucky!)
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The Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man is incredibly warm and comfortable. I'm a 6'5" guy who comfortably wears an XL, so I'm sure a L or M would fit you. It seems to be cut long. There's a similar women's jacket (the Lynx?), but I mention the men's version because I've seen a number of women wearing it here in Eugene, OR.
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If you search Cabela's for women's thermal top tall, they have a couple of tall silk tops. I just got some tall pants from them and they work great for a skinny dude. Their store-brand stuff is pretty good quality.
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Eddie Bauer- their entire women's collection comes in tall. yay for EB!

Athleta stuff is pretty good for tall people, although I have not tried their tops.
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Have you tried the men's version of whatever baselayer you're interested in? I'm the same height (but a dude) and on the slight side. Men's tops tend to be longer and wider than womens tops because generally, our torsos are longer and our shoulders broader. I have a lot of men's small Patagonia capilene baselayers and they fit like this on me. The sleeves are a bit short because I have a positive 4" ape index, though it works out perfectly for rock climbing because it keeps my hands and wrists clear.

Regardless of gender, this is my general feeling on baselayer sizing from different brands:

Icebreaker: aggressively form-fitting, longer than average torso and sleeves.
Patagonia: tends to the form-fitting side, shorter-than-average sleeves and torso (fits kind of like American Apparel t-shirts).
Arc'teryx: looser fit (but not baggy), average length torso and sleeves. Their silkweight stuff (I think it's called "Ether") is crazy comfortable.
REI: Boxier, looser fit. Like the Hanes Beefy T of baselayers.
The North Face: I swim in these and have never found a baselayer that they make that fits properly.
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Both Landsend.com and LlBean.com carry men's tall clothing...They have a few women's tall items, too, but tend to have more pants than tops...Both have good sites, clothing quality is good and style isn't bad either. ...My husband who is tall, but not big, does well with talls from both... LL Bean is probably a half-step up in quality as well as price and styling, to my mind, anyway. But you won't be disappointed with either, I think.
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I am also a 6' 5" guy and order from LL Bean. I have a midweight insulated jacket (XL tall) that fits really really well and looks pretty sharp. I imagine that their women's outerwear is as good. Plus, yuppie cred!
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Seconding Icebreaker. Expensive, but well worth it.
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Thirding Icebreaker. I'm also a 5'10" girl and I'm always surprised at how well their tops fit. If only I could afford more of them...
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