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Where can an adult get the "kid-on-the-monkey-bars experience" without getting arrested?

Currently, I'm sneaking into the park at 4 am. This kind of sucks.

No back yard to speak of. Climbing gyms require a partner. Gymnastics class? I'll give it a go, but my local option seems tumbling-centric.
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city museum, st louis, MO
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michpinkston, I'm looking for a little more freedom to risk cracking my skull, but MonstroCity seems incredibly cool. Thanks for the recommendation.
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Rock scrambling/bouldering is a pretty great way to get the climbing muscles engaged (a partner is still a good idea, but risk is not the same as on a rock wall).

Traditional-rig sailing requires a lot of climbing and clambering.
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- There are a couple of trapeze schools (one, two) near you.
- You can boulder without a partner at most climbing gyms. Some have treadwalls, though they get a little repetitive.
- Tree climbing at the local arboretum or cemetery.
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Are you sure you'd be arrested for being an adult on the junglegym... is it posted? I've seen adults in playgrounds in broad daylight around where I live.
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If you are ever up by Santa Monica you could play on the hanging series of rings (I have no idea what these are called) that are on the beach that are very near the pier. Although this website suggests they are popular, I'd never seen anyone on them in the two years I lived there.
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not_on_display, I'm not actually worrioed about getting arrested – I just don't want to crowd out the kids the equipment was built for.
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Go when there are no kids there? So, 6am, or during the school day, or something.
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Public parks are for use by all. However, you should not do stunts that will endanger others.
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Came here to suggest the City Museum as well - if you're ever within 100 miles of St. Louis, you *have* to go. It is the ultimate playground for grown-ups.
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Do you know any kids? When I take mine to the park, I often wind up goofing around on the equipment and no one minds. Maybe you could babysit for some friends--the parents would love it, the kids would love it, and you'd get to swing like a monkey in public with nothing to be embarrassed about!
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As a fellow adult who LOVES the jungle gyms - stop worrying about what other people think. Like the other kids, you have to wait your turn and watch out for the other kids. Ignore the parents who are either too scared or too boring to try it for themselves.

Alternatively, find a significant other to go on a date with (or pretend for the time being) - then you're TWO silly little kids just having fun.
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i have nothing to add except a few weeks ago i was questioned by cops for being an adult on playground equipment. kinda annoying, but not a big deal.
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Sounds like you are in the US, but if, for any reason whatsoever, you EVER find yourself in Canberra, Australia, head directly to Point Hut Pond. Ridiculous giant equipment incongruously set in a pink bungalow suburb. Three-storey slide with no guard rails. Two 100-m zip lines. Swings 3 storeys high - you could send yourself into orbit by jumping from the top of the arc. Giant climbing equipment, a crooked tower four storeys high, etc. etc. etc. And curiously... empty. We spent 90 minutes there with our three year old and never got bored - and she couldn't use most of the equipment solo, so this should indicate that it was really meant for adults.

Themed holiday!
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Thanks to all, especially schyler523. I stopped by Muscle Beach and played on the traveling rings yesterday – they were exactly what I was looking for.
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