Britains Lower Class Kids - Would Like the Tour, Please.
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Movies about Britain's Lower Class children and the society they live in?

Having read about a British minister coining the phrase *feral children* who've gone wild, where most of the population now fears them for the crimes they commit and their *anti-social* behaviors, my curiousity is peaked. Where can I find videos and movies that depict the lower class/poverty level society in Britain with the main focus on the children that grow up in that environment and their behaviors? Not looking for YOBS - just the kids that raised in these families - ages 0-12 and how they act out.
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This is England.
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The Up Series "consists of a series of documentary films that have followed the lives of fourteen British children since 1964, when they were seven years old. The children were selected to represent the range of socio-economic backgrounds in Britain at that time, with the explicit assumption that each child's social class predetermines their future."
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On the comedy side - Shameless.

Also, I think your interest is piqued, rather than peaked. /grammar nerd
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I've not seen it, but I suspect Somers Town by the same director also qualifies.

It's a comedy, but you could also try the series Shameless. When I was a community worker on housing estates in Coventry, I couldn't watch it because it was too close to the lives of the people I was working with.

You do know that this is probably media hype playing with people's perceptions, right? Some prominent youth organisations are doing their damdest to try to counter views like this. We are criminalising children in this country just for being children and it is wrong.
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Ack preview - Somers Town is by the same director as This is England.
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Response by poster: OK - maybe I need to be really specific - looking for documentaries about families that raise these kids.

Oh Happy Dave - you're right - thanks :)
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Sweet Sixteen Ken Loach managing not to be too didactic for once in a fantastic film about being the child in a family fucked up by drugs and prison.
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The UK series of The Secret Millionaire isn't expressly about these children, but does show the communities from which they originate. (The idea of the show is a millionaire goes "undercover" into a poorer community to find out what life is like there, and to find either an individual or organization to whom to gift a rather large sum of their personal funds).
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Ratcatcher comes to mind.
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Came here to say what not_on_display said. Do watch the up series, everyone!
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seconding Ratcatcher and Sweet Sixteen, though they're both works of fiction.
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Scum, if only for the posters!
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You could also look at the C4 documentary Wife Swap. Every so often there are families that might fit the bill.
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(ok, maybe "documentary" is pushing it for Wife Swap)
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Not docus:
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Oh no.... Beautiful Thing and Grange Hill.
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Not a film, sorry, but you might be interested in this feature that showed up on the BBC website today:

The Estate, Living, working and growing up on Seacroft. Real stories of life on one of Britain's biggest and most deprived housing estates.
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You can still watch the Channel 4 Cutting Edge documentary, "Rich Kid, Poor Kid" on their Catch-Up service. It will give an insight into the home life of an pretty under-privileged teenager (not sure if she fits the 'feral' tag - if, indeed, any of them do... ).

You could also try Kidulthood
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At least some of the BBC documentary series Child of our time will fit the bill. It features kids from a range of social classes. The idea is that the series follows the kids from when they were born (2000) until they are adults.
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Mock-u-mentary maybe?

The Royle Family.
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Adulthood and Kidulthood.
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